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Branch in a Glass Jar

Transformation Session

Single Coaching Session

Life never ceases to surprise us, and as much as we like to think we can, we cannot predict the outcome of any situation. We CAN take control of how we respond to life's curveballs. With my transformational coaching sessions, you’ll see your circumstances in a new light, and find new choices in how to respond from an empowered and embodied stance.

Committed Container

High-Impact Coaching Package

Change takes time and courage. This high-impact coaching container is a committed package that includes individual coaching sessions, unlimited text / email support, and weekly resources for a minimum of three months. We will go deep into all dimensions of your life, unblock areas where you are feeling stuck, and give you practical tools to live your best life.

Rubber Plant
Plant in Glass Bottle

Energy Practice Period

Group sessions to

extend my practice time to anyone who is interested in working with your energetic boundaries. You might identify as someone who is empathic, highly sensitive, or simply want to practice working with your unique energy. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering… 

  • “is what I’m feeling mine?” 

  • “How do I know?” 

  • “How can I be in my own experience and hold a supportive, empathetic space for others?” 

If this resonates, I invite you to practice with me. We will work to make your energy yours again, to practice the skill of empathy while staying grounded in your own experience - all while feeling fully resourced to be your best self. 

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