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Transformation Guide & Coach

Kim Trajano is a guide, coach, and expander of possibility. Like most Bay Area powerhouses, Kim has many gifts, although she’s especially adept at helping her clients unfold. Rooting herself deeply in her role as guide + coach, Kim helps clients unblock stuck patterns by holding up the mirror as they uncover themselves.

In partnering with Kim, clients can expect inner transformation. Kim’s process is…

  • Gentle

  • Intuitive

  • Peaceful

  • Powerful

Part intuitive guide, part gentle, yet direct coach, and part grounded consultant, Kim’s of the firm opinion that life is a spiritual practice – and that every moment, person, interaction is a blessed teacher. You don’t have to quit your day job, become a yoga teacher, and be a traveling nomad to see the deepest truth of our exquisite interconnectedness.

By helping clients identify, explore, and lean into stagnant + underdeveloped areas of their life, Kim helps her clients create an expanded sense of possibility +  a sense of inner spaciousness.



I create space for you to embrace and fulfill your truth.

I'm Kim Trajano and I'm here to support you in living the boundless life that you deserve.

I've had a deep appreciation for the beautiful complexities of human nature since my playground days. Naturally, I pursued a degree in Psychology with every intent on getting a graduate degree in Counseling & Social Change. Life had a different plan for me. My professional career took a sharp turn after the devastating loss of my father.

Synchronistically, I wound up working for an incredible leadership consulting firm where I've earned my stripes as a business consultant. Through my consulting experience, I've sat in countless rooms in the thick of critical strategy and team dynamics questions with some of the world's leading executive teams. The greatest lesson I've learned is that getting to see the humanity in each other is the key to unlocking the incredible power of human potential.

In 2016, it all came full circle for me as I found and developed a practice of Integral Coaching at New Ventures West. It's been a joy to find a beautiful marriage of my background in psychology with professional coaching. My path, like yours, has not been linear. It's been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, joy and loss, fear and adventure. It is my greatest honor to hold space for my clients to unfold and transition into the life of their dreams.

Let's talk... I can't wait to meet you and hear your story!