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It's time to remember what it means to BE FULLY ALIVE. To live a life that is beautifully aligned with what really matters. 

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An invitation into a sweeter way of being

Moving through the last year was heavy, like a relentless sea, throwing us with wave after wave. Yet here you are, through it all, still alive. Are you present to the gorgeous reality that even through the worst of times, each breath you take, there is a magic in simply being alive. That in fact, even in the the darkest of times, there is so much beauty to be seen.

What if, through all the hardship, noise, confusion, distractions, and doubts - you could tune in to the whisper within that is calling you into something more? What if in the midst of being thrown by life you could pause long enough to appreciate the mystery of the all that is unknown and see the invitation to all that is possible in that liminal space? 

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What is beautifully alive?

  • An intentional women's circle to explore the deeper questions of life, and how to best be with whatever emerges - as it is. 

  • A developmental community. We desire to create a space where we can look deep within ourselves, and also at others, to journey around the edges of our development. As such, we will reflect, share, and engage in practices that support us in our journey.  

  • An exploration of aliveness. Aliveness isn’t an emotionally ecstatic state. Aliveness is touching into the essence of what is, allowing stillness and beauty to ignite life. We will explore more about what that essence is, what being in contact with it allows, and our barriers to it

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Join Us

5 weeks of exploring together


February 22 5:30-7:30



February 29 5:30-7:30


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Our Story


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JuHae Son

Kim Trajano

Jess Furst

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