An invitation into a sweeter way of being

Moving through life can feel heavy, like a relentless sea, throwing us with wave after wave. And in the next moment, it can feel blissful, like a ray of sunshine breaking through stormy skies. In the midst of it all, how do you move with or against the current? How present are you to the changing tides? 

There is magic unfolding in every moment. What if, through the busyness, noise, fatigue, and confusion of our daily experience, we could tune into the magic? What if in the midst of being thrown by life you could pause long enough to appreciate the mystery of the unknown and see the invitation to all that is possible in that liminal space? 

Join us as we explore these questions through reflection, practice, and connection.

It's time to remember what it means to BE FULLY ALIVE.

To be with the beauty of each moment as it unfolds.


  • A developmental space - Discover different ways of getting to know yourself and the world around you through practices of the mind, heart, and body.

  • A sharing circle - Witness the wisdom arising in yourself and in others. Experience the beauty of connecting in this authentic way.

  • An exploration of aliveness - Inquire into presence, waking up, and being with what is.

The Journey

February Cohort is full. Please apply below and we will be in touch when the next cohort launches in May. 

Our Story

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We'll be your guides on this journey.


JuHae Son, Kim Trajano, and Jess Furst are devoted to bringing more beauty to life, and not just in the joyful high points, but in the simple everyday magic of living. As certified Professional Coaches, we practice the Integral Methodology, weaving in all aspects of living into how we lead our lives and guide our clients. After our training at New Ventures West, we founded a coaching collective to explore how we can bring this Integral work into our communities. Beautifully Alive is the result of our collective asking "what does the world need right now?"

We're so excited to meet you! 


JuHae Son


Kim Trajano


Jess Furst